The new-look platform. What has changed?

Are you logging in to the repliCATS platform for the first time since a face-to-face workshop at SIPS, AIMOS or at your institution? You might notice a few things have changed (we hope for the better!):

  • Returning users will be prompted to update their password – we generated temporary passwords (for security reasons) and you should have an e-mail in your inbox with that temporary password
    • Can’t find that e-mail? Send us an e-mail at
  • Pick claims you want to assess and get it started – you will now go straight into round 2.
    **We encourage you to submit your round 2 assessment straight away even if you are the first one to do a claim (you can re-submit these at any time)**

    • You’ll get an e-mail prompt when the 5th person has completed round 2 of a claim you’ve assessed – this will allow you a final 72-hour window to update your round 2 estimates. As you might remember, we use a structured elicitation method called the IDEA protocol to assess claims. We aim for each claim to have 5 people assess the claim (round 1) and then update their assessment after seeing their groups’ assessments and comments (round 2).
  • You can also join a claim that already has assessments – this means you might end up in a virtual group of people, so we encourage you to comment
  • You can filter claims by their status, or discipline – just pick the status and disciplines you want and click on the filter button on the top of the home screen.

Screen shot of platform

  • You can also quickly see the status of a claim by hovering over the little pie symbol – the number of people you see in the first box just tells you the total number of participants with access to that claim. The other three boxes show you the actual number of participants who have assessed the claim.

  • Claims you’ve assessed go to the bottom of the page – you can use the filter function or scroll to the very bottom of the list to see those claims which will have the “round 2” tag
  • There’s a community page – this page includes some personal statistics of yours (including badges earned, and claims assessed). It also has a link to our news posts, twitter and reddit feeds. Get involved!
  • Links to “resources” and “glossary” pages – click on each to go to the relevant content on our website, including guides and videos to navigating the platform, information on the IDEA protocol, and handy video guides to statistical concepts.
  • We’ll add a mix of new claims every month – every 4 weeks we’ll refresh the claims available so there will always be something new for you to assess – unless we run out of claims first!
  • New users can now create their own account! – you won’t see the home page or be able to assess a claim until you have completed the consent and demographics survey though.