RR:C19 journal collaboration

The repliCATS project & RR:C19 will run a joint study in 2021.

About the study

The repliCATS project is undertaking a planned study with the journal Rapid Reviews: COVID-19 (RR:C19).

RR:C19 logoRR:C19 is an open access, rapid-review overlay journal that will accelerate peer review of COVID-19-related research and deliver real-time, verified scientific information that policymakers and health leaders can use.

In this joint study, we will evaluate COVID-19 related preprints using either the standard RR:C19 review process or the repliCATS protocol.

The aim of the study is to compare the RR:C19 standard open review process to the repliCATS structured elicitation process. The study will run from September – December 2021.

Study coordination

The study will primarily be run by the RR:C19 editorial office, with support and direction from the repliCATS project team that will help manage the reviewers using the repliCATS evaluative protocol, and be in charge of all peer reviewer compensation.

The study will follow the standard RR:C19 review process for selection of papers for review, and recruitment of reviewers. Reviewers will be randomly assigned into the two review cohorts – one set of reviewers will use the standard RR:C19 review protocol, and the other set will use the repliCATS structured elicitation protocol.

For more information about RR:C19’s peer review process, visit: https://rapidreviewscovid19.mitpress.mit.edu/work-with-us

Reviewer reimbursement

All reviewers will receive a US$200 reviewer grant for participation in the study.

Further information

If you have any questions about the study you can contact:
Alexandru Marcoci (sub-awardee, repliCATS project); alexandru.marcoci@gmail.com or
Ans Vercammen (research fellow, repliCATS project); ans.vercammen@unimelb.edu.au