Day 2 briefing - SIPS workshop
SIPS workshop

Apply for a travel grant for next repliCATS workshop

We will be running an all-day workshop on 6 November 2019 at the University of Melbourne.

There are 55 travel grants of US$400 available (for participants outside of metropolitan Melbourne) and free registration to the first Association for Interdisciplinary Meta-research & Open Science (AIMOS) conference is included (for all participants).

Apply now to attend this full day workshop.

What will you do at the workshop?

The repliCATS project aims to estimate the replicability of published research claims in the social and behavioural science.

Working in small groups of 5-6, you will be asked to evaluate approximately a dozen social and behavioural science research claims. Each group will have its own facilitator, who will guide you through a structured elicitation protocol.

The workshop will be fully catered.

Why should you participate?

We recently ran a workshop in Rotterdam where we assessed 575 claims over two days! The 200+ workshop participants told us that they appreciated the opportunity to consider and evaluate many different scientific claims and gain exposure to a variety of research designs and approaches. Our hope is that your participation in the workshop will build/enhance the way you think critically about the evidence you are evaluating.

More information about the travel grants

There are 55 travel grants available to participants who live outside of metropolitan Melbourne (including remote Victoria, interstate and overseas). The amount to be paid will be USD 400 (~AUD 580). The travel award is conditional on your participation prior to and during the workshop. These grants also include free registration for the AIMOS conference. Further details about the travel grants can be found here.

Have questions?

You can contact Raquel Ashton by e-mailing