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  1. October workshop – 19-26 October

    Hi folks, this post has all the info you need if you are participating in the repliCATS October workshop running from 19-26 October. A special welcome to our UCMeta colleagues from Canterbury as well as all our other New Zealand colleagues joining us for the first time! Here are links to all the information you’ll […]

  2. July workshop info – 20-27 July

    Hi folks, this post has all the info you need if you are participating in the repliCATS July workshop running from 20-27 July! Here are links to all the information you’ll lead leading up to and during the week: About the virtual workshop, including a timeline Things to do Communication during the assessment period/workshop (slack, […]

  3. Protected: AIMOS2020 – repliCATS session, Fri 4 Dec @ 15.30 AEDT

    There is no excerpt because this is a protected post.

  4. Watch đŸ“º Metascience should not be defined by its methods

    Join our CI Fiona Fidler & philosopher of science Rachel Brown for a webinar on “Metascience should not be defined by its methods. Metascience, or metaresearch, is a field of research that has grown out of the replication crisis. Amongst other things, metascience evaluates and monitors open science initiatives and other interventions to improve scientific […]

  5. National Science Week: Assessing the reliability of COVID research – a repliCATS webinar

    As part of National Science Week, join the repliCATS project team for a peak into how and why we’re assessing COVID-19 claims. Responding to crises like the COVID-19 pandemic requires a strong evidence basis. But which scientific results are trustworthy? During this crisis there have been high profile cases of scientific misconduct and retractions and […]

  6. Reimagining trust in science panel (19 Aug), feat Fiona Fidler

    Recent crises have prompted discussion on ‘Trust in Science’. This raises the question: is science the kind of thing that can be trusted? Is ‘Trust in Science’ the same thing as trusting individual scientists or research organisations, or is it something else? How do we maintain ‘Trust in Science’ while holding a reasonable level of […]

  7. Watch đŸ“º Fiona Fidler gives RIOT Science talk on all things repliCATS

    Earlier this month, Fiona Fidler gave a talk about the repliCATS project, and some of our plans for the future of the project. If you missed it (including if you were asleep because it ran from 11am-12pm BST), you can re-watch it via this link (YouTube)! Talk abstract The repliCATS project evaluates published scientific research. […]

  8. repliCATS workshop went virtual – over 550 claims assessed in the week

    Our last phase 1 workshop was originally scheduled to run before the 2020 Society for Improving Psychological Sciences (SIPS) conference in Victoria, Canada. Then everything changed. The repliCATS team created our first virtual workshop designed to accomodate all the original workshop participants scattered around over 10 timezones. What we ended up with was repliCATS2020 workshop […]

  9. repliCATS workshop at SIPS2020

    We’re running a one-day workshop at SIPS2020 in Victoria, Canada. Date: 20 June 2020 Time: All-day Venue: In downtown Victoria (Canada) We have 150 spots available, and up to 100 travel grants** worth US$550 each for participants travelling to the workshop (i.e. participants who live outside the immediate area). For more details, and to apply […]

  10. New milestone: 800+ claims assessed!

    The repliCATS team have had a very busy November 2019! First, we ran a 100-person workshop before the inaugural Association for Interdisciplinary Meta-research and Open Science on 6 November 2019 at the University of Melbourne. Of course, there were tim tams, prizes and a whole lot of energy at the pre-AIMOS workshop. Yesterday we evaluated […]

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