AIMOS2019 workshop
Participants at the pre-AIMOS workshop held in Melbourne in Nov 2019

New milestone: 800+ claims assessed!

The repliCATS team have had a very busy November 2019!

AIMOS2019-repliCATS-workshopFirst, we ran a 100-person workshop before the inaugural Association for Interdisciplinary Meta-research and Open Science on 6 November 2019 at the University of Melbourne.

Of course, there were tim tams, prizes and a whole lot of energy at the pre-AIMOS workshop.

Then we were in Wellington (New Zealand) where we ran a smaller workshop with the lovely folk over in psychology the following week!

What’s next for the repliCATS team?

We’re busy tweaking our platform, and in early December 2019 we plan to launch a fully remote platform! This means groups of people can participate virtually from anywhere in the world – this could be as individuals looking for claims they are interested in assessing to journal clubs or discussion groups picking claims to work on together.

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