Closed: Express interest in assessing COVID-19 research claims

The repliCATS project — and the wider SCORE program — has been expanded by DARPA to include 100 COVID-19 research claims from the social and behavioural sciences.

Governments around the world may rely on social and behavioural science research to understand crises and inform policies. Inclusion of COVID claims will ensure that the repliCATS project is tested on a range of social and behavioural science or SBS research areas, making it uniquely tailored for the critical evaluation of a broad spectrum of research claims.

The repliCATS project will run a virtual worksop from 2-8 September to assess these COVID-19 claims, and are looking for 100 participants.

Are you new to the repliCATS project? If so, you can watch our chief investigator, Prof Fiona Fidler introduce the project, or read more about what it means to assess research claims.

Express interest in workshop (closed) by Friday, 14 August

Expressions of interest in participating in our workshop are now open, but places are capped at 100 participants.

**UPDATE: EOIs closed on 14 August. Thank you so much for expressing interest. You will have received an e-mail letting you know if you have been confirmed for the workshop or if you are on a waitlist. Rolling offers were made on a first-come basis. If you have any questions, please contact us on**

The key details again (in case you missed them).

  • There are 100 x USD200 (AUD 280) assessment grants available for eligible participants.
  • You need to be available between 2-8 September, for ~ 6 hours over the week.
  • *Each participant will be asked to assess ten claims.
  • You can assess claims when it suits you.
  • You’ll work in groups of 3-6 other participants, using our online platform.
  • If this is your first time assessing claims, don’t worry. We’ll run an intro session to help you get started, and be available to help you over the week.
  • *If you have already expressed interest before 03 August, you do not need to re-apply. We will contact you shortly with additional details about the workshop, including assessment grant eligibility.

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