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  1. hey first year psych students!

    Welcome to the repliCATS project! We hope you enjoy working on our platform.

  2. New collaboration with the Center for Open Science

    We are super excited to announce that the repliCATS project will work with the Center for Open Science on a new grant funded by the Robert Wood Johnson Foundation (RWJF), extending the work we started on the DARPA SCORE Program. The SCORE program demonstrated the potential of using algorithms to evaluate claims on a large […]

  3. Sign-up for Oct & Nov bushel workshops.

    Update (4 Nov 2021): we’re now fully subscribed for all our workshops! Thank you to everyone who has signed up! If you have any questions, please contact us: You can now sign-up for one of our workshops! Jump straight to form. 21-28 September – Criminology, Political Science, Public administration (government and law) & Sociology […]

  4. Welcome to new workshop coordinators!

    We’re really excited to have Ans Vercammen & Rania Poulis join the repliCATS project team to help coordinate our 2021 bushel workshops. Ans Vercammen is trained as a research psychologist and completed a PhD in behavioural and cognitive neuroscience, studying the origins of auditory hallucinations. More recently, her interests have shifted away from neuropsychology to […]

  5. A SCORE of pre-prints.

    In phase 1, we crowdsourced judgements of replicability for 3000 research claims drawn from peer-reviewed journals across eight social and behavioural science disciplines. The following thread unrolls a series of pre-prints now available describing the overall SCORE collaborative in phase 1 (involving five research teams from around the world), as well as a number of […]

  6. First 2021 workshop announced!

    repliCATS workshops will be back in June! We are kicking off our phase 2 research with a pre-SIPS repliCATS virtual workshop from 15-22 June 2021. What’s new? In 2021, the repliCATS workshops will focus on evaluating the credibility of entire published research papers (or what we are calling “bushel papers”) in the social and behavioural […]

  7. SCORE program renewed for phase 2

    We’re excited to announce that DARPA has renewed the SCORE program—and the repliCATS project—for a second phase! What does that mean? It means your predictions met accuracy thresholds! And we’ll return in 2021. In phase 2, we’ll evaluate a fresh set of claims for likely replicability as well as ask new questions, for example, about validity […]

  8. Closed: Express interest in assessing COVID-19 research claims

    The repliCATS project — and the wider SCORE program — has been expanded by DARPA to include 100 COVID-19 research claims from the social and behavioural sciences. Governments around the world may rely on social and behavioural science research to understand crises and inform policies. Inclusion of COVID claims will ensure that the repliCATS project […]

  9. National Science Week: Assessing the reliability of COVID research – a repliCATS webinar

    As part of National Science Week, join the repliCATS project team for a peak into how and why we’re assessing COVID-19 claims. Responding to crises like the COVID-19 pandemic requires a strong evidence basis. But which scientific results are trustworthy? During this crisis there have been high profile cases of scientific misconduct and retractions and […]

  10. Monthly winners!

    FINAL round winners: 1 – 30 July This was our final repliCATS remote round for phase 1. And at the end, we reached our goal of assessing 3000 claims! It was a phenomenal effort, with 1840 assessments made in 571 claims. This round returned to basics, awarding the three participants who assessed the most number […]

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