Watch 📺 Metascience should not be defined by its methods

Join our CI Fiona Fidler & philosopher of science Rachel Brown for a webinar on “Metascience should not be defined by its methods.

Metascience, or metaresearch, is a field of research that has grown out of the replication crisis. Amongst other things, metascience evaluates and monitors open science initiatives and other interventions to improve scientific practices and cultures. It studies the impact of institutional reward structures, performance metrics, incentives, and methods of scientific resource allocation. It also evaluates peer review practices—both current, and alternative future proposals. As a field, it is (unfortunately) often defined as “the scientific study of science itself” or “the science of doing science”. In this talk I’ll explain why metascience shouldn’t be defined by appeal to a monolithic scientific method, and discuss other ways of conceptualizing what this new epistemic community does.

The webinar is now available to watch here: