First 2021 workshop announced!

repliCATS workshops will be back in June! We are kicking off our phase 2 research with a pre-SIPS repliCATS virtual workshop from 15-22 June 2021.

What’s new?
In 2021, the repliCATS workshops will focus on evaluating the credibility of entire published research papers (or what we are calling “bushel papers”) in the social and behavioural sciences literature. For the pre-SIPS workshop, the papers you evaluate will be drawn from psychology and psychology-adjacent fields.

However, our workshops will remain familiar to returning participants. Working in small groups of 4-6, you will be asked to evaluate 2-3 papers. Each group will have its own facilitator, who will guide you through a structured elicitation protocol.

For more details and to express interest in participating in this workshop, use the following form: