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  1. National Science Week: Assessing the reliability of COVID research – a repliCATS webinar

    As part of National Science Week, join the repliCATS project team for a peak into how and why we’re assessing COVID-19 claims. Responding to crises like the COVID-19 pandemic requires a strong evidence basis. But which scientific results are trustworthy? During this crisis there have been high profile cases of scientific misconduct and retractions and […]

  2. Reimagining trust in science panel (19 Aug), feat Fiona Fidler

    Recent crises have prompted discussion on ‘Trust in Science’. This raises the question: is science the kind of thing that can be trusted? Is ‘Trust in Science’ the same thing as trusting individual scientists or research organisations, or is it something else? How do we maintain ‘Trust in Science’ while holding a reasonable level of […]

  3. Watch 📺 Fiona Fidler gives RIOT Science talk on all things repliCATS

    Earlier this month, Fiona Fidler gave a talk about the repliCATS project, and some of our plans for the future of the project. If you missed it (including if you were asleep because it ran from 11am-12pm BST), you can re-watch it via this link (YouTube)! Talk abstract The repliCATS project evaluates published scientific research. […]

  4. Meet the team: Hannah Fraser

    Hannah Fraser is the repliCATS research coordinator. In a project about gathering experts and facilitating their ability to assess the replicability of research, she sees her role as facilitating the efforts of the repliCATS team. A meta-facilitator for meta-research. Hannah completed her PhD in the Quantitative and Applied Ecology group at the University of Melbourne […]