Picture of Hannah Fraser
repliCATS research coordinator

Meet the team: Hannah Fraser

Hannah Fraser profile pictureHannah Fraser is the repliCATS research coordinator. In a project about gathering experts and facilitating their ability to assess the replicability of research, she sees her role as facilitating the efforts of the repliCATS team. A meta-facilitator for meta-research.

Hannah completed her PhD in the Quantitative and Applied Ecology group at the University of Melbourne and is passionate about improving the rigor, generalisability and usefulness of ecological research. This began as an exploration of the way researchers study woodland birds (birds that live and/or breed in Australia’s vanishing woodland habitats) and, inspired by FIona Fidler and the meta-researchers from psychology, medicine and economics, has now branched into studying reproducibility and replicability.

Fortunately, this makes her an excellent fit for the repliCATS project.

Aside from the small task of facilitating experts’ assessments of 3,000 research claims for the repliCATS project, Hannah’s research interests include:

  • Questionable research practices – identity, incidence, implications
  • Researchers views on replication studies – value, venues, vagaries
  • Many Analysts one ecology dataset, one environmental biology dataset – duplication, differences, divergence
  • Open science innovations – effectiveness, efficiency, endorsement.

Some of Hannah’s best thinking happens on long walks with colleagues, friends, family and dogs. To relax, she gets into home improvement (just dont ask her to paint your house) and loves to play board games with other aficionados.

Her top 3 board games are:

  1. Wingspan (a board game about birds – enough said)
  2. Small World (berserker orcs, yes please!)
  3. Sushi go party (because it’s fast and silly)

Hannah also discussed in Simine Vazire’s blog, sometimes i’m wrong, discussing the challenges facing ecology: https://sometimesimwrong.typepad.com/wrong/2019/07/status-part-i.html

You can follow Hannah on twitter @HannahSFraser